As Interface

The AS-Interface (Actuator Sensor Interface) is a user-friendly industrial communication networking standard designed for simple and efficient connection.

Pepperl + Fuchs' AS-Interface Master units come with built-in diagnostics, streamlining the maintenance process. Should a module suffer damage, it can be replaced swiftly; the Master unit will automatically recognize the new node.

An AS-Interface network can support:

  • Up to 64 half-nodes, with each half-node capable of up to four inputs and three outputs.
  • Up to 32 full nodes, each with four inputs and four outputs. A network can be a combination of full and half-nodes.

Nodes are addressed using channel numbers 1-32 and 1b-32b. If a full node occupies channel 1, then channel 1b is unavailable for use.

The scalability of AS-Interface is a key feature, allowing gradual expansion within a factory setting. This modular growth helps manage costs effectively while enabling a step-by-step integration.

For wiring, the network allows any topological configuration within a 100-meter limit. By employing up to two repeaters, the network can extend up to 600 meters in a linear configuration.

Some AS-Interface master controllers offer dual-bus systems, accommodating up to 128 nodes and extending 100 meters in both directions.

The system's integrated, safety-rated features mean that emergency stops and remote safety relays can be connected directly. This consolidation of safety and I/O into one system can lead to significant reductions in costs and installation time.

The AS-Interface is particularly advantageous for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) due to its quick deployment capabilities, minimizing labor costs. The simplicity of a single two-wire cable for connection—or two cables for powering devices like 24V high-current motors and heavy-duty solenoids—adds to the system’s efficiency and ease of installation.

Start Stop  buttons

Illuminated push buttons, are easy to add along your product line.

Analog modules

 Up to 4 channels of analog inputs in one node, either Temperature, Voltage or current inputs are available.
Just one screw is used to clamp to the As-interface cable in the device

Modbus Tcp/ip

We have As-interface Library's ready to go, to interface with the Delta Plc.