Welcome to our Technical Customer Support Service.

Sometimes, equipment begins to misbehave. We can assist in diagnosing your equipment issues with our 'Expert Technical Fault Diagnostics,' starting at only $145+GST.


Our TCSS team is pleased to offer you our Primary survey service.

If this is a Technical Emergency, please hang up and dial 

03 3899 258

Otherwise please carry on reading.



When you are stuck, and your electrician needs a hand, we're here to help.
We offer a primary survey service, no matter what equipment you have, a pair of fresh eyes to get your production line, industrial equipment, crane, concrete pump, photo lab, flow wrapper, printing press, ctp, index filler, labeller, printer, etc etc up and going so you do not lose any more downtime than you need too.

After a primary survey has been completed we can then work out the best options to have your equipment fixed, 80% of the time we are able to complete the repair within the Primary survey.

Primary Survey's start from @$145.00+gst +travel

To help with a quick response always have your equipment manuals at hand, never allow your manuals to leave site unless required by a service person to source parts and make sure you have them promptly returned! The best solution is to photocopy or photograph with a smartphone, the relevant sections.
We have turned up many a time to find the previous repair company has taken the manual with them, after not repairing the fault.
While repairs are possible without the manuals in many cases it takes longer to reverse engineer what is happening.

Some manuals look like complete gobble gook, but to us they are an insight into the designers mind and will help speed up the repair process.

In some cases we can provide up front pricing once a primary survey has been completed.



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