Terms and Conditions

Pricing and Taxes: All prices listed are exclusive of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 15%, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Warranties: All automation products and accessories are covered by the applicable manufacturer's warranty.

Payment Terms: Payment for accounts is due on the 20th of the month following the invoice date, or by the end of the following month, as specified.

Sales Terms: All items are sold under the Terms and Conditions of Trade of Southern Technology Ltd.

Custom Orders: Special or custom items, ordered at the request of the customer, are non-refundable but are covered by the applicable manufacturer's warranty.

Returns and Restocking: A Returns Fee, also known as a Restocking Fee, may be applicable on returned goods.

Business Purchases: Purchases are for business use, and the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1986 are therefore not applicable.

Liability: Southern Technology Ltd is not liable for loss of profits, or any consequential, indirect, or special damage, loss, or injury. Liability is excluded or limited as described in our full Terms and Conditions, to the extent permitted by law.

Ownership: Ownership of products remains with Southern Technology Ltd until full payment is received. A security interest may be registered on the Personal Property Securities Register.

Late Payment: Late payments incur interest at 2% per month. Non-payment may lead to credit reporting and the client will bear all recovery costs.

Pricing Changes: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Freight Charges: Freight will be charged on dispatch of goods.

Rapid Prototyping Disclaimer:

Service Nature: Rapid prototyping is for experimental use and not intended for critical applications. Prototypes are for concept testing and may not reflect final product accuracy.

Performance Liability: No liability is assumed for the performance of prototypes produced for experimental purposes.

Warranty: No warranties are provided for the prototypes, either expressed or implied.

Risk Acceptance: All risks associated with the use of prototypes are the responsibility of the client.

Regulatory Compliance: Clients are responsible for ensuring prototypes comply with safety and regulatory standards.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality is respected but not guaranteed for information provided during the prototyping process.

Service Modification: Southern Technology Ltd reserves the right to modify or terminate prototyping services without notice.

Indemnification: Clients agree to indemnify Southern Technology Ltd against claims arising from prototype use.

Drone Use Liability Acknowledgment:

Liability: Southern Technology Ltd is not liable for outcomes from drone use.

Customer Responsibility: Clients assume responsibility for drone operation and legal compliance.

Warranty: There are no warranties for drone performance or suitability.

Operational Compliance: Drones must be operated safely and in accordance with regulations.

Indemnification: Clients indemnify Southern Technology Ltd from damages related to drone use.

Use Authorization: Drones are to be used only for authorized purposes.

Service Changes: Drone services are subject to change or termination by Southern Technology Ltd.

Liability Cap: Liability for drone use is strictly limited under all circumstances.

Clients using rapid prototyping or drone services must acknowledge and accept these terms.