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B36 - Safety Relay Base Diode - Finder - Safety Relay Base Diode - Finder

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Safety Relay Base Diode

Our Finder coil indication and EMC suppression module is used for a relay. The module features a green LED indicator and is predominantly used for DC (direct current) only.

Details: Safety Relay Base Diode

  • Used in a multitude of applications, such as: Industrial, commercial, power management, consumer electronics and automation & process control
  • Green LED indicator
  • Recovery diode module with standard polarity - used for DC operation only
  • The reverse voltage peaks of the coil are short-circuited by the recovery diode (positive to terminal A1)
  • Considered a relay module accessory, forming part of the Finder 99 series
  • When the coil has power, the green LED indicator will light up
  • The release time increases by an approximate factor from three to five, If you do not want an increased release time, use an RC module or a Varistor
  • Compact design, allowing the user to use in a multitude of environments
  • For use with Finders 85 relay module series
  • White or black in colour
  • Has a voltage range of 6 V DC - 24 V DC

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Technical Part Details:

Accessory Type LED Diode
Series 99 Series

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