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A2250 - Feed Roller (Drive Roller 4/5) - Avery

A2250 - Feed Roller (Drive Roller 4/5) - Avery

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Feed Roller (Drive Roller 4/5) (200mm) 

Model: 924

Part Number: A2250

The Feed Roller is a crucial component in printing machinery.

  • Essential Printing Component: The Feed/Drive Roller plays a vital role in the feeding mechanism of printing equipment, ensuring smooth and consistent paper or label advancement.

  • Optimal Size: With a diameter of 200mm, this roller is suitable for accommodating various paper and label widths commonly used in industrial printing applications.

  • Reliable Drive Mechanism: The drive roller design provides reliable traction, facilitating the steady movement of printing materials through the machine during the printing process.

  • Compatibility: Engineered to be compatible with a range of printing equipment, the Feed/Drive Roller is a versatile solution for many printing setups.

  • Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, this roller is designed to withstand continuous use in demanding industrial environments, minimizing the need for frequent replacement.

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