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BVS0060 Vision Barcode Reader - Industrial Sensors

BVS0060 Vision Barcode Reader - Industrial Sensors

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Stationary ID Sensors: Reliable and Versatile Identification for Your Production Line


Special order item, but maybe in stock as we used these for our line productivity monitors.


Stationary ID Sensors from Balluff offer a powerful and efficient solution for reading barcodes, 2D codes, and DMC codes in industrial environments. These permanently installed sensors ensure fast and accurate identification of products throughout your production process.


Key Features:

    • Precise and reliable code reading: Delivers consistent results with a wide range of code types and materials.
    • Simple operation: Easy to set up and configure, minimizing downtime and complexity.
    • Fast code detection: Optimizes production flow with quick and efficient code reading capabilities.
    • Standardized interfaces: Seamless integration with PLC and IT systems for data exchange.
    • Optional IO-Link: Provides access to additional data for condition monitoring, including vibrations and code quality.
    • Unique versatility: Adapts to diverse applications and requirements within industrial settings.


    • Increased productivity: Reduces production delays and errors associated with manual identification.
    • Improved traceability: Provides accurate and consistent data for product tracking and quality control.
    • Enhanced efficiency: Optimizes operational processes and simplifies data management.
    • Reduced costs: Minimizes maintenance needs and operational expenses.


    • Production lines: Tracking and identification of products, components, and materials.
    • Logistics and warehousing: Inventory management, order picking, and shipping verification.
    • Automotive, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing: Quality control, product traceability, and process automation.
    • Pharmaceutical and medical industries: Track and trace pharmaceuticals, ensure product safety, and comply with regulations.

Balluff's Stationary ID Sensors are a powerful tool for improving efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in your production processes.

Unparalleled Reading Speed and Accuracy:

    • Reads barcodes, 2D codes, and DMC codes with ease.
    • Micron-level resolution for capturing even the smallest and most intricate codes.
    • Fast code detection to optimize your production flow.

Enhanced Reliability and Durability:

    • Built to withstand the harshest industrial environments.
    • Minimal maintenance required.
    • Long lifespan for years of reliable performance.

Seamless Integration and Flexibility:

    • Standardized interfaces for effortless connection to PLC and IT systems.
    • Optional IO-Link for access to additional data and condition monitoring.
    • Multiple mounting options for easy installation in any configuration.

Beyond Barcode Reading: Valuable Data Insights:

    • Gain valuable insights into your production processes.
    • Improve quality control and traceability.
    • Optimize your operations for maximum efficiency.

Experience the BVS0060 Difference:

    • Increased productivity and reduced downtime.
    • Eliminate errors associated with manual identification.
    • Gain valuable data for process improvement.
  • Boost your bottom line.

For more information on specific models and features, please visit the Balluff website or contact our sales representatives.

We are confident that BVS0060 Stationary ID Sensors can help you improve your production processes and achieve your business goals.

Contact Southern Technology Ltd today to learn more!


BVS0061 Datasheet

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Quick guide

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