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DVP06XA-S - Analog Module - Delta

DVP06XA-S - Analog Module - Delta

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DVP06XA-S - Analog Module

The analog input/output module DVP06XA-S receives external 4-point analog signal input (voltage or current) and converts it into 12-bit digital signals. DVP06XA-S receives two pieces of 12-bit digital data from a PLC and converts the digital data into 2-point analog signal output (voltage or current). There are 49 CRs (control registers) in the module, and each register has 16 bits. A DVP series slim type PLC can read data from DVP06XA-S or write data to DVP06XA-S by means of the instruction FROM/TO.

Details: DVP06XA-S

  • 4 points of analog input voltage (-10 V ~ +10 V) / current (-20 mA ~ +20 mA)
  • 2 points of analog output voltage (0 V ~ +10 V) / current (0 mA ~ +20 mA)
  • Input / output resolution: 12-bit
  • Built-in RS-485 interface
  • Single-ended input

Technical Data Of DVP06XA-S:

Expansion Module
Output Type N.A.
Resolution 12-Bit
Input/Output Mix AI/AO
Ethernet NO


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