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EA350-2R5-1B - Servo Drive 0.4 kW - SINEE

EA350-2R5-1B - Servo Drive 0.4 kW - SINEE

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Introducing the SINEE 0.4 kW EA350 High Performance Servo System

Excellent Control
- Impressive current loop operation speed, up to 625KHZ and a bandwidth of 3kHz
- Ensures precise and accurate movements
- Equipped with a 23-bit multi-turn encoder for more precise positioning

Stable and Reliable Performance
- Complete protection functions and adherence to strict safety regulations
- EMC design for reliable and stable operation
- High-performance NdFeB magnets and precise machining control enhance performance
- Long-term stability and reliability

Strong Expansion Ability
- Supports installation of a fully closed-loop expansion card for fully closed-loop function
- Supports serial communication feedback in pulse and RA-CODER formats
- Dynamic brake expansion card for dynamic braking in vertical axis applications
- 16-bit analog input model for high-precision speed mode control

Excellent Quality
- Compact appearance design with dark gray color
- Sleek and professional look
- Simple overall appearance
- Upper and lower air ducts can be installed side by side for compact installation and it features a space-saving, stylish design

Wide Applications
- Suitable for laser cutting, high-speed die cutting, numerical control engraving, and more. Its versatile and superior performance meets the needs of various high-end applications.

Upgrade to the SINEE EA350 High Performance Servo System for excellent control, stable and reliable performance, strong expansion ability, excellent quality, and wide applications. Experience the difference in performance and efficiency.

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