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EM730-015-3B - Frequency Drive 15 kW - SINEE

EM730-015-3B - Frequency Drive 15 kW - SINEE

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Introducing the Powerful 15 kW EM730: The Perfect Solution for Your Industrial Machinery.

Versatile, the EM730 is perfectly suited for woodworking machinery, food machinery, packing machinery, cable equipment, and fan hydropower. With its Advanced Control Technologies, this high-reliability inverter supports three-phase AC asynchronous motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. It offers various drive control technologies, including vector VF (VF) control and speed sensorless vector control (SVC).


A Feature-Packed Design
Mobile APP and Wi-Fi Module Support - Easily debug and monitor the inverter using the mobile app and Wi-Fi module.

Reliable Operation - The EM730 operates reliably even at a full load and 50°C ambient temperature.

Special Functions Integration - Enjoy the convenience of special functions for rewinding and unwinding.

High-Frequency Output - Drive high-speed motors with support for high-frequency output up to 3000Hz.

High-Speed Pulse Input - Benefit from the 100kHz high-speed pulse input capability.

Vibration Adaptability - The metal substrate of the EM730 adapts to vibratory environments, reducing induced voltage in the motor.

Built-in Filter - The built-in filter is close to Level C3, ensuring optimal performance.

Experience the Next Generation of Variable Frequency Drives:
Easy to Use - With one-button switching and precise speed regulation, the EM730 offers a user-friendly experience.

Connectivity Options - Connect via Wi-Fi module, serial port, or PC background software for seamless integration.

Flexible Power Supply - The EM730 can be connected to a 380V inverter with a 220V single-phase power supply, simplifying installation and parameter debugging.

Compatibility - The function codes of the EM730 are the same as those of the EM500 and A90 series, ensuring compatibility with existing systems.

Enhanced Reliability - The EM730 operates reliably at high ambient temperatures, features an all-metal bottom plate for reduced motor-induced voltage, and is designed to withstand vibration and dusty environments.

Comprehensive Protection - The EM730 includes all the necessary protection features, including output short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, overheat protection, overvoltage protection, lack of voltage protection, input phase loss protection, memory failure protection, soft start abnormality protection, current detection abnormality protection, and temperature sensor abnormality protection.


Upgrade your industrial machinery with the powerful and reliable EM730 inverter. Experience easy operation, advanced control technologies, and comprehensive protection for optimal performance.

EM730 Technical Manual:

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