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Gemini 58 series Industrial Inkjet Printer

Gemini 58 series Industrial Inkjet Printer

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Discover the Gemini 58: Revolutionizing Industrial Printing

Transform Your Printing Experience with Advanced Features

Versatile Variable Info Printing:
Unlock limitless possibilities with the Gemini 58! From barcodes and 2D codes to custom images, logos, and counters, this printer handles it all. Adapt to any printing need with its variable database capabilities, ensuring every print is tailored to your specific requirements.

Intelligent Ink Management:
Experience effortless printing with our state-of-the-art printhead heating system. The Gemini 58 not only recommends the best printing parameters but also features an advanced system for measuring ink consumption. This means optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness in every print job.

Adaptable Printing Heights:
Whether it's a small logo or large text, the Gemini 58 adjusts its printing height from 1.5mm to 15mm based on your message and throw distance. This level of adaptability guarantees perfect prints, no matter the task.

Diverse Printing Contents:
Language and design barriers are a thing of the past! Print in multiple languages including Chinese, English, and Arabic. Dates, batch numbers, shifts, and even complex images/logos are effortlessly imprinted with unmatched clarity.

User-Friendly Icon Guide Interface:
Simplicity meets technology. Our one-touch operation system gets your printer up and running in seconds. When it's time to shut down, the printer automatically flushes the head and powers off, ensuring it's ready for next time. The intuitive interface promises a user-friendly printing experience every time.

Seamless Connectivity:
Stay connected with built-in Ethernet for easy networking, alongside versatile ports like USB and RS232. The Gemini 58 is designed for the modern workspace, ensuring you're always in sync.

Stable and Reliable Connections:
Dependability is key. That's why the Gemini 58 features Aviation Connectors for more stable, uninterrupted operation, keeping your printing process smooth and consistent.

Auto Cleaning for Uninterrupted Performance:
Say goodbye to clogs and maintenance hassles. The Gemini 58's cleaning pump ensures the nozzle and gutter remain unblocked, guaranteeing a perfect print every time you start.

High-Definition, User-Friendly Screen:
Interact with a unique 10.1-inch high-definition screen, boasting a resolution of 1280x800. Editing is a breeze with drag-and-drop functionality, supporting all Windows fonts, vector fonts, and scalable fonts.

Powerful Core for Speed and Efficiency:
At the heart of the Gemini 58 is a powerful, efficient core board, enabling faster processing for even the most demanding tasks. Plus, the enhanced dot matrix function adds dynamic delivery to your font choices.


Feature Category Details
Variable Information Printing Barcode/2D code, image/logo, counter, variable database, etc.
Intelligent Ink Management Printhead heating system; automatic printing parameter recommendation; ink consumption measuring system.
Printing Height 1.5mm - 15mm, variable based on message & throw distance.
Printing Contents Chinese, English, Arabic, Number, Date, Batch, Shift, Image/logo, Exp, MFD, Counter, etc.
Icon Guide Operation Interface Simplified one-touch operation; automatic flush and power-off; intuitive Icon Guide Operation Interface.
Port & Communication Built-in Ethernet, USB, RS232, etc.
Aviation Connector Reliable Aviation Connectors for stability.
New Head with Auto Cleaning Cleaning pump for nozzle and gutter maintenance; unblocks ink streamline.
Screen & Interface 10.1-inch high-definition screen (1280x800); drag-and-drop editing; supports all Windows fonts and vector fonts.
Core Board & Fonts 4-core processor (1.4GHz); scalable fonts; dynamic dot matrix function.
Control Unit Qt.10.1 Inch LVDS High Resolution touchscreen; 4-Core Processor, 1.4GHz CPU, 1G RAM, 8G EMMC; Stainless Steel (304), IP55 cabinet.
Software Specifications Multi-language support; dynamic printing of 140 types of codes; remote software updates; up to 5 print lines; various font sizes; printing speed up to 285m/min; max printing height 1.8mm - 15mm.
Ink System Intelligent ink management; automatic viscosity and bleed control; Intelligent Hydraulic System; MODBUS protocol.
Standard Connections Product detector; shaft encoder; alarm beacon connector; USB, Ethernet, I/O interface.

Technical specifications for the Gemini 58:

Category Specification
Control Unit
Control Panel Qt.10.1 Inch LVDS High Resolution, big touchscreen
Hardware 4-Core Processor, 1.4GHz CPU with 1G RAM, 8G EMMC
Cabinet Stainless Steel (304), IP55 design
Software Specifications
Multi-language Support English, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Persian, etc.
Printing Contents Dynamic printing of 140 types of codes and images
Software Update Easy remote updates
Print Lines Up to 4 lines (7x5 dot), up to 5 lines (5x5 dot)
Fonts Size Multiple options from 5x5 to 24x32
Printing Speed Up to 285m/min
Printing Throw Distance Up to 30mm
Printing Height 1.8mm - 15mm
Ink System
Intelligent Ink Managing Automated ink consumption measurement
Viscosity Control Automatic
Hydraulic System Intelligent system ensuring ink integrity
Protocol MODBUS Standard
Standard Connection
Product Detector Compatible with various sensors
Shaft Encoder Npn/pnp encoder support
Alarm Beacon Connector Included
Other Ports USB, Ethernet, I/O interface, etc.
Working Environment
Temperature Range -5°C to 45°C
Humidity 30% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Electrical Requirements Single phase, 100-250V, 47-643Hz
Cabinet 370mm x 310mm x 510mm
Print Head 230mm x 44mm x 41mm
Conduit 3M Umbilical cord standard

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