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Ink JS10

Ink JS10

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Black Solvent Based Ink Cartridge

Quick drying ink cartridge use for Handheld Inkjet Printer. It has a high-definition touch screen display, 300-600 DPI printing quality, prints dates, time, and serial numbers. Bar codes, QR codes and images/logos are all also included as available formats. Inks in many colors available. Large capacity, One Ink Cartridge provides 300,0000 characters spraying.

Details: Ink JS10

  • High-definition printing
  • Large capacity 42ml/65ml
  • Fast drying without ink loss
  • Wide printing height 12.7-25.4mm

Technical Part Details: Ink JS10

Printing Font
High-definition font, raster font
Printing Definition
300 DPI 
Printing Lines
1-6 lines, adjustable
Character Height
2mm-12mm, adjustable
Printing Distance
2mm-5mm (Best distance between Nozzle and object)
Printing Speed
Max 50m/min (Continuous printing)

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