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B05PNP NPN (NO/NC), (NO), and (NC)

BKT0001 - Contrast Sensor

BKT0001 - Contrast Sensor

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Contrast Sensor

Alu Block RGB PNP/NPN (NO/NC) M12.

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Typecode / BKT 67M-001-U-S92

Technical Data Of: BKT0001

Series 67M
Dimension 32 x 64 x 82 mm
PNP/NPN NO/NC Analog, voltage 1…5.5 V
Input function Time function on/off
Principle of operation Contrast sensor
Principle of optical operation Diffuse sensor, focused
Beam characteristic Focused
Light type blue light/green light/red light
Light spot size 1.5 x 5 mm at 9 mm
Range 6...12 mm
Connection Connector, M12x1-Male
Housing material Aluminium, Die casting, Painted
Material sensing surface PMMA
Operating voltage Ub 10...30 VDC
Approval/Conformity CE

Technical Data Sheet:

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