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SES08-1R0-30-2FBY - SES Motor 1.0 kW - SINEE

SES08-1R0-30-2FBY - SES Motor 1.0 kW - SINEE

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Introducing the 1.0 kW SES Motor: The Ultimate Solution for Precision Control 

Wide Applications - The SES Motor is suitable for a wide range of applications, making it highly versatile.

Excellent Quality - We take pride in delivering motors of exceptional quality, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Extreme Precise Control, the SES Motor offers unparalleled precision control with its remarkable features:

Up To 625KHZ - Experience high-frequency control capabilities for seamless operation.

3kHz Bandwidth - Enjoy a wide bandwidth that enables efficient and effective control.

Current Loop Operation Speed - Benefit from fast and responsive current loop operation.

High Response - The SES Motor delivers rapid response times for enhanced control precision.

Equipped With A 23bit Multi-turn Absolute Encoder - Our motor is equipped with a multi-turn absolute encoder, ensuring precise conditioning for your applications.

Stable And Reliable Performance, count on the SES Motor to consistently deliver stable and reliable performance. Here's why:

Complete Protection Functions - Our motor features comprehensive protection functions for safe operation.

Strict Safety Regulations - We adhere to strict safety regulations, providing peace of mind during operation.

EMC Design - The SES Motor is designed with electromagnetic compatibility in mind, minimizing interference and ensuring smooth operation.

High-performance NdFeB Magnets - Our motor utilizes high-performance NdFeB magnets for exceptional performance.

Precise Machining Control - With precise machining control, our motor offers long-term operating reliability.

Strong Expansion Ability - The SES Motor offers flexibility and adaptability for your specific needs.

Fully Closed-Loop Expansion - Install a fully closed-loop expansion card to support the fully closed-loop function, enhancing control accuracy.

Serial Communication and Feedback - Our motor supports serial communication and feedback in pulse and RA-CODER formats, seamlessly integrating into your systems.

Dynamic Brake Expansion - When used in vertical axis applications, the motor can be equipped with a dynamic brake expansion card, ensuring safety and preventing falls.

16-bit Analog Input Model - Select the 16-bit analog input model for high-precision speed mode control, achieving precise motor speed control.

Choose the SES Motor for unrivaled precision control and reliable performance in a wide range of applications. Experience the difference today!


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