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STM12F5PVC S15 - Single-Ended Cordsets

STM12F5PVC S15 - Single-Ended Cordsets

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Single-Ended Cordset

M12x1-Female, straight, 5-pin, A-coded, PVC gray, 15 m, drag chain compatible.

Details: STM12F5PVC S15

When you purchase this item, you'll receive a high-quality cable from one of our listed brands, found under Compatible Part Numbers. Brands include Balluff, Reer, and PepperL Fuch. If you have a specific preference, please let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

M12x1-Female, straight, 5-pin, A-coded
Switching output Complementary
PVC gray, 15 m, drag chain compatible
Number of conductors 5
Conductor cross-section 0.34 mm²
Cable temperature, fixed routing -40...105 °C
Cable temperature, flexible routing -5...105 °C
Operating voltage Ub
60 VDC / 60 VAC
Rated current (40 °C)4.0 A
IP rating
IP67, IP68, IP69K

Compatible Part Numbers:


Typecode / BCC M415-0000-1A-017-VX8534-150

Technical Data Sheet:

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