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Wash Station, suitable for Gemini, Hitachi, Linx.

Wash Station, suitable for Gemini, Hitachi, Linx.

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Upgrade Your Hitachi Printing Experience with the Ultimate Wash Station

Tired of messy ink spills and inefficient cleaning routines for your Hitachi printer? Introducing the HDPE Hitachi Printer Wash Station, your key to a cleaner, more efficient workflow.

Built to Last:

This wash station is constructed from heavy-duty HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), making it resistant to harsh chemicals, scratches, and impacts. Say goodbye to the worry of cracked or warped trays; this durable station will handle your toughest cleaning tasks.

Effortless Cleaning:

    • Convenient design: Mounts seamlessly onto a 20mm square tube stand (not included) for easy positioning and integration into your workspace.
    • Integrated collection tray: Catches excess ink and solvent, minimizing spills and keeping your work area clean.
    • Threaded Stec waste solvent collection bottle: Easily dispose of used solvent with a secure and leak-proof connection.
    • Stainless steel components: Ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion.

Experience the Benefits:

    • Increased productivity: Spend less time cleaning and more time printing with an efficient system.
    • Reduced mess: Keep your workspace clean and organized with a dedicated cleaning station.
    • Improved print quality: Minimize ink contamination and ensure consistently high-quality prints.
    • Enhanced safety: Reduce the risk of accidents and exposure to harmful chemicals with a secure and contained cleaning system.

Invest in Your Hitachi Printer:

The HDPE Hitachi Printer Wash Station is an essential investment for any business or individual who relies on their Hitachi printer for high-quality results.

Order yours today and experience the difference!

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